Joep Luijckx

Born in Delft on 28-06-1948. Completed his studies at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. At 25, moved to Goerree-Overflakkee (islands in the southwest of the Netherlands) and for 40 years has lived just outside of Nieuwe Tonge on this island.

His work
Joep is a many-sided artist whose painting styles include realistic, surrealistic and abstract. Abstract work has his preference. In the period before his studio was ready, he created small art pieces with the etherial as motif. After an exhibition whereby nearly all of these early works were sold, he became fascinated by the expressive power of spiral forms and abruptly departed from his earlier themes. His recent work, both paintings and photography, show the influence of these spirals. Joep's art also includes works in other media such as clay, wood, plastic, wire, and glass. Sometimes entire installations emerge which may also include performance.

Joep is not secretive about how he makes his table-top photos. He explains that with the help of mirrors, cloth, colored paper - often self-painted, he makes small constructions. With his camera, he then composes these constructions into strange and fanciful photographs. These often abstract photos allow for imaginative interpretation. The lighting is very important. A single lamp may be used, but sometimes eight lamps or even six slide projectors provide a sea of light for the spectacle Joep is creating. When Joep is working, it may be almost impossible to navigate through his studio between all the cloth, paper and lights. After all, the only thing that is important to him is the photograph he is making now. The mirrors
reflect the colors that have been set up in his studio. What seems like chaos is really a well-thought out plan. This makes it possible for him to control the change of colors, and the mirror that first reflected red becomes green. The result is magic.

Once in a while Joep explores the boundary between art and kitsch. A good example of this is his painting "The Three Roses." Faces can be found in the roses. His most recent paintings contain elaborate detail. He paints paths of leaves across the canvas to create an abtract composition. He calls this style a kind of modern baroque. Joep hopes that this website gives you a chance to see the diversity of his art. If you really want to
see his work, you are welcome to drop in at his studio. Make an appointment
if you want to be sure the studio will be open when you arrive.

Address Joep Luijckx
Oudelandsedijk 12
3255LN  Oude Tonge
Tel. 0187 651318